OGSL Contacts

We welcome your interest, suggestions and questions!

Oakland Girls Softball League
P.O. Box 21296
Oakland, CA 94620

Members of OGSL’s board of directors can be reached below.

Cody Strub, President Email Cody

Jolie-Anne Ansley, Secretary Email Jolie

Brian Bolick, Coach Coordinator Email Brian

Laura Geist, Volunteer Coordinator Email Laura

David Lerner, Player Agent Email David

Cindy Murphy, Recruitment Email Cindy

Christen Sypolt, Fundraising and Events Coordinator  Email Christen

Josh Reiten, Registrar Email Josh

Chris Zonca, Player Development Email Chris

Natalie Mehta, Treasurer Email Natalie

Vipers Coordinator – Competitive Travel Program Email Vipers Coordinator 

Paul Contreras, Scheduling and Umpire Coordinator Email Paul

Paul Healy, Equipment Manager Email Paul

Abby Kennedy, Uniforms/Merchandise Manager Email Abby

Maisha House-Asemota, Sponsorship Coordinator Email Maisha 

Justin Sanchez, Field Development Email Justin

Amanda Wentworth, Communications Manager Email Amanda