Vipers Program 

Now offering 8U, 10U and 12U Teams

OGSL has sponsored tournament teams in various divisions for many years. The Vipers’ tradition is important to OGSL — and showcases the most skilled players within our 8U, 10U, and 12U divisions. Teams play competitively and players do not necessarily receive equal playing time. Most players concentrate on one or two positions and are expected to progress with complex softball skills and plays. We offer a highly competitive playing environment, with skilled coaches who provide a positive space designed to enhance the girls skills while also having fun. Our coaches are a mix of former players and parents. We are currently building up our coaching program and would love to have more former players involved in the Vipers program. If you know any who might be interested, let us know!  We are also introducing a Vipers Junior Coaches Program for high-schoolers interested in expanding softball strategy, picking up more volunteer hours and receiving a small stipend 

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Schedule and Competition

Our teams begin practice after the initial selection in the spring and will continue through July. Tournaments will be played in June and July.  Practices are twice a week, and players must be prepared to commit to all practices and tournaments.

Tournaments are 3 pool play games on Saturday, and single elimination games on Sunday.  Our Saturday pool play ranking determines who and when we will play on Sunday.

As a competitive team, versus a recreational team, players will not receive equal playing time. That being said, as stated in our mission, we want everyone to have fun and playing is fun. We will do our best to rotate girls in on Saturdays when there is more flexibility, however because Sundays are single elimination games, Sundays will be played with the strongest line up available on the field.
There are also additional factors that can affect playing time, and you can read more in the Player Expectations section

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Should My Daughter Tryout?

How do I know if my daughter should try out?

Every girl who loves softball and is interested in playing in a more competitive environment should come try out. Still not sure? Feel free to email our Vipers coordinator Mari Zumbro.
But will my daughter make the team?

The first thing we look for in any player is attitude. Even an inexperienced player with a great attitude and athleticism is a top choice especially at the younger ages.

Ideal Skills at our two younger age groups (remember attitude and athleticism are equally important factors):

8U Level

  • Has basic throwing fundamentals
  • Can safely catch a ball
  • Basic understanding of the rules
  • Pitchers can throw strikes

10U Level

  • Mastered throwing fundamentals
  • Can safely catch a ball (thrown balls, pop ups, grounders, etc.)
  • Comfortable sliding (and readiness to improve)
  • Doesn’t step out of the box while swinging at the plate
  • Pitchers can hit locations (inside and outside) and can throw a change up

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Player Expectations

Hustle and focus

  • I pledge to show up to games and practices ready to play and give 100% effort.
  • I pledge to listen to my coaches and remain open to learning new skills.
  • I pledge to know where I am in the batting order and be ready in the hole with a helmet on.
  • I pledge to be prepared for each game and start warm-ups without a coach’s ask
  • I pledge to have my cleats on and be ready to go 5  minutes before practice or game warm-ups start

Positive Attitude

  • I pledge to support my teammates and coaches as well as maintain a positive attitude, no matter how I played or the game situation.
  • I pledge to help with equipment, keep an organized dugout, and help bring bats, nets, bags, balls to and from fields.


  • I pledge to treat the equipment, my teammates, the other team, and the umpire with respect at all times.

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Parent Expectations


Let the Coaches coach and the Players play

  • Stay outside of the dugout at all times
  • No talking to players during game

Support all players

  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards the umpire and other team
  • Help each other out – Carpools! Snacks! Sunscreen!

Issues that may arise:

  • Shall be handled off the field and away from games or practice
  • Shall be stated in an email or call, or meeting outside of games or practice with the coaches

Arrive early!

  • Lateness and missed practices will affect your daughter’s playing time

Water/Sunscreen/Healthy meals

  • Have your daughter rested and ready for gametime

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Additional fees apply to Vipers’ families to cover the cost of tournaments, gear, equipment, etc. Fees for the 10U and 12U 2017 season may range from $400-$700, however that number is still under review. Fee for 8U will likely be less as the season is shorter. We will never turn away a player for lack of funds so please reach out to for more info on our partial scholarships, if needed.

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